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What is a Frenectomy, and Why Is It Necessary?

Posted on 4/10/2023 by O'Sullivan, Deluca & Ressel Dental Care
What is a Frenectomy, and Why Is It Necessary?A frenectomy is one of many oral surgical procedures out there. In this article, we will discuss what a Frenectomy is, why it's necessary for some people, steps you should take if you're considering getting one performed on yourself or your child, and how long recovery from having one can last depending on certain factors such as age at the time of surgery and location where the incision was made.

What is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a surgical procedure that takes out some of the tissue, usually on the underside of the tongue. This may be necessary for those who have excessive amounts of this type of tissue, causing problems with speaking or chewing correctly. It can also improve breathing through the mouth rather than nose if there isn't enough room in between your teeth and lips because too much tongue remains after having had braces placed on them as an adolescent. However, when you're considering getting one performed, make sure that it needs to happen; often, these things end up not being an issue at all once braces are removed (and sometimes before then).

Why Is A Frenectomy Necessary?

If your child was born with a large tongue (macroglossia), there might not be enough room in their mouth for their teeth to grow correctly. This can cause them difficulties with speaking and eating as they get older, so a doctor may recommend a Frenectomy early to avoid future problems down the road. Another situation where this procedure might be necessary is if someone has had braces placed on their teeth at some point in the past. If too much tissue underneath their tongue is left behind after having them removed, there may not be enough space for it to fit comfortably between their teeth and lips when speaking or eating; the result of this would be excessive drooling due to not being able to close your mouth correctly.

How Long Will Recovery Last?

When considering a Frenectomy, you must know how long recovery will take depending on the age during the surgery and the location where the incision was made. Generally, recovering from one performed on an adult takes longer than if they're younger because placing stitches in adults causes more pain than doing so in children (and makes them harder to put in).

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