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The Science Behind Bad Breath and How to Treat It

Posted on 9/25/2023 by O'Sullivan, Deluca & Ressel Dental Care
The Science Behind Bad Breath and How to Treat ItBad breath, or halitosis, makes us feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in social situations. It has many causes, like not caring for your teeth, eating spicy foods, or having a health problem. Practical solutions can be found by examining the complex science behind this mystery.

Causes of Bad Breath

A group of germs in the mouth ready to cause damage gives people bad breath. These microscopic troublemakers consume food particles, releasing several smelly volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) that harm our senses. The odor is caused by hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. These germs can dwell on our teeth, gums, and tongue if we do not care for them, worsening the odorous problem.

When we eat spicy foods, the spices enter our bloodstream and are exhaled through our lungs, giving us terrible breath. Since saliva is crucial for removing bacteria from our mouths, a dry mouth also contributes to foul breath.

Ways to Avoid Bad Breath

We must develop perfect oral health habits to save our breath. The excellent trio of brushing, flossing, and mouthwash become our daily habits, beating back the bacteria and removing any leftover food pieces. At least twice a day, brushing also the tongue is the most important thing.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things we can do to fight bad breath. Water relieves a dry mouth and keeps it from worsening. To increase the amount of saliva in our mouths, we can chew sugar-free gum or eat sugar-free sweets. Avoiding tobacco products, garlic, and onions is an intelligent move that helps us fight against bad breath.

Even if our breath smells terrible despite our best efforts, we must not give up. A health problem may be the cause of this mouth malaise. Chronic skin infections, lung diseases, stomach problems, and even problems with the liver and kidneys can all work against us. So, getting the wise advice of health care professionals becomes our hope, showing us the way to a thorough evaluation and personalized treatment choices. Please find comfort in the knowledge of our dentists because they know how to improve oral health.

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