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Dangers of Grinding Your Teeth

Posted on 10/15/2023 by O'Sullivan, Deluca & Ressel Dental Care
Blonde woman in purple shirt grinding her teeth at DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental CareTeeth grinding is an oral health issue that can cause severe damage to the mouth. In most cases, people grind their teeth when awake or asleep without realizing it. Sometimes a partner can discover the habit when they hear the grinding or clicking sound. The most common causes of teeth grinding are stress, misalignments, anxiety, and certain medical conditions. If left untreated, teeth grinding can damage your overall oral health. Keep reading to learn four dangers of teeth grinding:


Teeth grinding places constant pressure on the muscles and jaw joints. This makes the jaw stiff and sore. You might also experience facial pain, headaches, and jaw pain. With this, you might find speaking, eating, and engaging in your day-to-day activities challenging.

Tooth Damage

Contact pressure on the teeth can also cause chips, cracks, and enamel damage. When the protective layer becomes damaged or weak, bacteria can easily enter the tooth. After some time, they will create holes in the tooth and infect the inner sensitive layers. If left untreated, the infection can reach the tooth's roots causing severe sensitivity and abscess. At this stage, the tooth is beyond repair, and removing it is the only way to prevent further damage.

Gum Recession

Teeth grinding can make teeth shift or become loose. This creates pockets where bacteria can accumulate. If not cleaned, the bacteria will irritate the gums, causing swelling. After some time, bacterial infections can damage the gums and bones, causing tooth root exposure or tooth loss.


Earache is another side effect of teeth grinding. The jaw joints are close to the ear canal. Hence, the pain can spread to this area, which can cause sleepless nights. Is teeth grinding affecting your oral health or the quality of your sleep? Contact us, and our dentist will suggest approaches to prevent teeth grinding.

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