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Digital Radiography

A dental chair with x-ray displayed on the screen.Digital radiography is the modern-day version of x-ray film technology. What used to take a dedicated darkroom, filing and mailing sleeves, chemical processors, and machinery maintenance now takes just the press of a button to create high-resolution images that are sent directly to a computer for storage. With much lower doses of radiation than the traditional x-ray cameras and the reduced cost of production and storage, digital radiography has revolutionized the way offices do things with dental imaging. Digital radiography offers a 70% reduction in radiation exposure when compared to conventional x-rays. Despite the decrease in exposure, quality has increased exponentially. While the traditional x-ray images offer 16-25 shades of gray, their digital counterparts provide crystal clear images in 256 shades of gray. Here at DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care, we are always looking to improve our technology and have adopted digital radiography for all of our patients.

Who Can Benefit from Digital Radiography?

Interestingly enough, both our office and our patients can benefit from digital radiography. By providing more explicit images to our staff, it is easier to determine the best course of treatment regarding routine issues like chipped or cracked teeth, cavities, and gum disease. We are also better able to diagnose serious oral health problems. By being more efficient, we are able to provide our patients with better care. We can identify issues that should be addressed much quicker than with traditional x-rays, being able to send images to specialists with just the click of a button. Whether determining a minimally invasive procedure or a more involved surgical one as the best course of action, our team of professionals can make those decisions quickly and confidently with high-resolution digital radiography.

Reasons for Digital Radiography

Digital radiography allows our office staff to produce sharper images of our patient’s teeth to document abnormal tissue, broken or cracked teeth, cavities, abscesses, or other problem areas than traditional x-ray imaging. We are able to enlarge the problem area digitally, zoom in or out, improve contrast, and rotate the images all to illustrate the issues to our patients better and more accurately diagnose the problem. Our staff is even able to make notations directly on the image files to identify the issues clearly. If need be, our office is also able to share images with other specialists quickly and efficiently by emailing them rather than printing and mailing them. This saves time and improves the overall efficiency of our office.

How Often Should Digital Radiography Be Used?

It is the recommendation of the American Dental Association to have those patients receiving regular cleanings and dental exams with no gum or teeth issues have x-rays taken every two years. In years past, bitewing x-rays were taken on a yearly basis. This is not necessary any longer. In some patients, particularly those with chronic oral health issues or those who are undergoing invasive dental treatments, digital imagery is a must. There is a need for more frequent digital radiography imaging.

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