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Invisalign® for Teens
Spring Hill, FL

Teenage girl holding an Invisalign tray, at DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care in Spring Hill, FL. Invisalign is a newer option for aligning teeth. While the end results are the same as you would get with braces, the way Invisalign works is very different. Most people find Invisalign to be very easy to use and to be more convenient than traditional braces, especially teenagers, who may be self-conscious about wearing traditional metal braces. Here at DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care, we have a number of patients who use Invisalign. If you need to have your teeth straightened and are considering Invisalign, we can answer any questions you may have.

What Is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system is made up of a series of different clear aligners. These aligners are nearly invisible when worn over the teeth, hence the name Invisalign. Patients using Invisalign will wear a series of these aligners, changing them every two weeks. Each aligner is slightly different, and when worn, they exert gentle pressure on the teeth, slowly moving them into the correct alignment. Some patients only need to wear Invisalign aligners for a few months, while others may need them for about a year and a half. It all depends on how misaligned your teeth are. The duration of wearing Invisalign is usually less than that of metal braces, which is also a benefit for teens.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a very easy system to use. First, we will take a number of images of your teeth and run them through a specialized computer program. This program determines how the teeth need to be shifted and creates a series of aligners that will slowly move your teeth into this correct position. After that, you simply wear each aligner for several weeks before changing to the next one in the series. Unlike braces, you can remove these aligners at any time. In the beginning, you need to wear your aligner any time you are not eating. As you progress through the series, though, you may change to only wearing it at night or for shorter periods of time.

We will have you come in regularly while you use Invisalign to check the progression of your alignment. We may need to change how often you wear the aligner or make other adjustments depending on how your teeth are shifting.

Why Get Invisalign?

Invisalign has several benefits over traditional braces. First, because they are almost invisible, few people will realize you are wearing the aligners. Braces, on the other hand, are very visible. Many young adults are reluctant to get braces because of this. Invisalign also allows you to eat whatever you want without worrying about food getting stuck in braces or damaging them. The aligners are also less likely to cut your mouth because they are made from plastic, not metal.

Who Should Get Invisalign?

Like most dental procedures, it can be hard to say who is a good candidate for Invisalign without doing an examination. It can be ideal for anyone with gaps in their teeth or with crowded teeth. It is also useful in correcting some bite problems. While many people who need braces can use Invisalign instead, we will need to carefully check your teeth and see how much out of alignment they are before we can determine if Invisalign is an option. Contact DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care at (352) 666-9898 to schedule a consultation.

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If you need to have your teeth straightened and are considering Invisalign for your teen, we can answer any questions you may have. Click here to learn more!
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