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Periodontal Care
Spring Hill, FL

Diagram of periodontitis and health tooth from DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care in Spring Hill, FLPeriodontal care is vital to the overall oral health of the patient. The term periodontal refers to the supporting structures around the teeth. This not only includes gum tissue but the jawbone as well. It is not only important for patients to realize that brushing and flossing their teeth is vital to maintain their oral hygiene but to also realize proper gum care is essential too.

Without proper care, the periodontal tissue will begin to deteriorate, making the underlying structure unstable. If it deteriorates enough, it can lead to periodontal disease, also known as advanced gum disease, which is not reversible. Periodontal procedures can be both invasive and overly expensive.

There are four stages of periodontal disease, the first being gingivitis. It is important to note gingivitis is the only stage of the disease that is reversible which is why it is so important for patients to give proper care and attention to both their teeth and their gums. The second stage is known as slight periodontal disease. The symptoms of this stage include red and swollen gums in addition to slight discomfort when brushing. Moderate periodontal disease includes both tooth and gum pain and sores in the mouth along with slight bleeding when brushing. The final stage is advanced periodontal disease. The symptoms of the final stage include pus between the teeth, receding gums, significant bleeding when brushing and loose teeth. Typically, when patients reach this stage, invasive procedures are necessary to prevent the potentially life-threatening infection from spreading throughout the body. Before your periodontal disease gets too severe you should schedule an appointment with our team of professionals, so we can offer proper care and come up with a treatment plan.

Who Needs Periodontal Care?

Everyone does. Without proper care of periodontal tissue, patient’s teeth and gums will deteriorate into the stages of periodontal disease. Patients should make it a part of their twice daily routine to brush their gums and floss.

Reasons for Periodontal Care

A diagnosis of periodontal disease is one that lasts a lifetime. There is no way to reverse advanced gum disease which is why it is so important to care for the periodontal tissue now. Once the gums begin to recede away from the tooth, small openings will begin to form allowing bacteria and plaque to build up to toxic levels eventually leading to tooth loss.

Periodontal treatment can help patients avoid imminent tooth loss. These treatments can include scaling and root planing along with deep cleaning, bone grafting, splinting and joining a patient’s teeth and many times can help them keep their natural teeth for an extended period of time even with the periodontal disease diagnosis.

How Often Do Cleanings Need to Be Scheduled Once a Patient Is Diagnosed With Periodontal Disease?

Once a patient is diagnosed with periodontal disease it is important to have deep cleanings three to four months apart to help maintain gum health and remove potentially dangerous bacteria which can help the disease progress more quickly. Though the disease cannot be cured it can be managed. Please, do not wait to contact us to start treatment.

Periodontal treatments are available at DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care. Call us at (352) 666-9898 or pay us a visit during office hours to schedule your next appointment today.

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Periodontal care can help patients avoid imminent tooth loss. Call us today at O'Sullivan, DeLuca & Ressel Dental Care for more information about treatment!
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