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Scaling and Root Planing

Diagram of teeth getting root planingWhile surgery can be a powerful tool to help remedy all kinds of conditions, including gum disease, we always prefer to try non-surgical treatments first. Luckily, there are a number of ways to eradicate gum disease that are both highly effective and non-invasive. Scaling and root planing are two of the most popular treatments, but there are others as well. DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care can assist you in choosing the treatment that is best for you.

Why Non-Surgical Treatments?

Not all gum disease requires surgery to be successfully treated. If the disease has yet to advance to a more severe stage, then it can usually be completely removed with nothing more than a deep cleaning. This is different from a typical dental cleaning, which is not an effective substitute for non-surgical treatment of gum disease. The advantages of non-surgical treatments are that you will recover faster, experience less discomfort, and do not have to deal with the hassle of dietary restrictions. Non-surgical treatment is not an option for every case of gum disease, and we will work with you to decide the best course of action.

Scaling and Root Planing

If you have heard the term deep cleaning before then you have heard of scaling and root planing. Deep cleaning is not just a buzzword, but actually refers to the process of going beneath the gum line to clean out bacteria and tartar that have infested there. Scaling and root planing is an intensive treatment that is not like a standard cleaning, so it will often be divided into two separate appointments for each side of your mouth. Once a patient has received a deep clean, they will not typically require further treatment, though they will need to maintain good oral hygiene.

Because scaling and root planing requires us to go below the gum line, you will need to receive a local anesthesia. This will keep you fully conscious, but numb the area that we are treating. Once you are numbed, we start with scaling, which involves removing all of the plaque and tartar that have accumulated on your teeth, both above and below the gums. Root planing then smooths rough surfaces, reducing areas where bacteria can attach themselves and encouraging the roots of your teeth to reattach to your gums.

Other Non-Surgical Treatments

While scaling and root planing are the most popular non-surgical treatments, they are not the only way to fight gum disease. Sometimes different non-surgical treatments are combined to boost their potency. Antibiotics are often used to control infections. There are many different forms of these, including mouthwashes, localized placement after scaling and root planing, and oral antibiotics that are prescribed. There are even more exotic treatments such as laser therapy and tray delivery systems, but these methods are still being studied for their safety and efficacy.

Treat Your Gums Today!

Treating gum disease has never been easier with the array of non-surgical options available to today’s patients. To find out more about these treatments and the other options that DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care offers, call now at (352) 666-9898.

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