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Single Tooth Implants
Spring Hill, FL

Woman smiling after getting a single tooth implant at DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care in Spring Hill, FL A missing tooth can drastically affect the way we live our lives daily. It can cause issues such as bone loss, difficulty in chewing or smiling, shifting teeth, and unclear speech. Losing your baby teeth as a child is normal as they naturally grow back whereas losing teeth as an adult can raise some serious health and personal issues. Overlooking a health condition such as a missing tooth is bound to make the situation worse in most scenarios for people. If you are one such individual and want to take preventive measures, an implant may be beneficial for you. Visit us at DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care and we will help you bring your smile back.

Tooth Implants and the Importance of Getting Them

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth purpose-built to function and look just like natural teeth. In most cases, it's a post made of titanium that is screwed into the jawbone. They are placed in the jaw to act as the root and a new tooth will be mounted on top of it. This process requires the administration of local anesthesia and could take somewhere between six weeks to six months to heal fully. Unlike dentures, implants are permanent and are easier to maintain and keep in good shape. People who have more than one missing tooth can take advantage of multiple tooth implants.

A missing tooth can cause bone loss if ignored for a long time and must be replaced immediately to avoid the onset of serious health issues. Tooth implants can help ward off tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities. Implants, when given proper care, can last for a lifetime. Another concern that can arise from gaps between your teeth can affect your ability to chew and a poor bite can cause Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder, which can result in pain and headaches. Getting a single tooth implant is imperative when dealing with such conditions.

Types of Tooth Implants

There are three types of dental implants: endosteal, subperiosteal, and zygomatic implants. Endosteal is the most common out of all of them and is directly placed in the jawbone. Subperiosteal, an alternative for endosteal, is inserted in the jaw, instead of resting on top of the bone. This procedure is mostly allowed on people who do not have enough jawbone. The last type, zygomatic implants, is the least common type of dental implant. These are placed in the cheekbones and not the jawbone, which can result in more complexity.

Who Is Eligible for This Procedure?

Single tooth implants are optimal for people who have a missing tooth, but they are also appropriate if you are dealing with a broken or decaying tooth that needs replacing. If you have a missing tooth and are struggling with issues such as a hard time socializing, or not being able to eat properly and speak words clearly, then implants can be of great help to you. In the past, patients with insufficient bone could not get implants, but with the advancement in bone reconstruction, it is now possible.

If you have a missing tooth that needs to be replaced, you can never go wrong with a single tooth implant. Meanwhile, if you have several missing teeth, multiple tooth implants are the best option. Restore your smile and confidence with us today.

For more information about implants, you may visit us at DeLuca, Ressel, & Congemi Dental Care or give us a call at (352) 666-9898.

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