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Ways to Check if Your Teeth Are Clean

Posted on 6/5/2023 by O'Sullivan, Deluca & Ressel Dental Care
Ways to Check if Your Teeth Are CleanGood oral hygiene is crucial to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy. Regular brushing and flossing can prevent dental cavities, gum disease, and other oral problems. Failure to clean your teeth properly can lead to bad breath, white tongue, bleeding gums, and teeth sensitivity. Here are ways to check if your teeth are clean:

Tongue Test

After brushing your teeth, run your tongue over your teeth' surface. It shows that your teeth are clean if it is smooth and slick. If the teeth surface is rough or has sticky patches, this indicates plaque accumulation. Plaque can build up between teeth and in hard-to-reach zones; thus, regular flossing can help eliminate plaque and debris.

Visual Examination

This is the simplest way to check your teeth' cleanliness. Examine your teeth in front of your mirror. If you notice any food particles or plaque, it could mean that your teeth aren't entirely clean. If plaque stays on your teeth for an extended period, it changes into tartar which can only be removed through dental cleaning.

Mouthwash Test

Mouthwash can effectively clean your mouth and refreshes your breath. Wash your mouth using mouthwash and spit it out to see if your teeth are clean. If your mouthwash is clear, it indicates that your teeth are clean. If your mouthwash is foggy or discolored, it means that you have plaque or debris in your mouth. Please, don't use mouthwash as a brushing or flossing substitute though it can be a valuable supplement to your dental hygiene practice.


Flossing helps remove food particles and plaque between your teeth and the gum line. If you don't see plaque or debris while flossing, know that your teeth are clean. If you spot numerous debris, this shows that your teeth are not clean.

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